Monday, December 14, 2009

Masquerade Ball

See, what I cant stand are nations pretending to be something they're not. If you are a fundamentally extremist society for whatever reason, just do it. Don't pretend not to be that way. Do not pretend to be a a first world Paris if you are not Paris and you are not first world! Do not build seven star hotels and residential areas with rivers in between the walkways to look like Venice if you do not have the appropriate civil infrastructure to allow the population to drive there for goodness sake!

Do not tempt expatriates to come into the country and do your dirty work for you and then attempt to warp their lives into a style to fit yours. No dear nations, you must adjust to their style of living as they are the ones doing you the favour!

Do not pretend like you are concerned with education, the environment or health when half your public schools are understaffed and overbooked, most of your families own 4 plus cars and you do not allow mental health - the most important element in my opinion to ensure a healthy bodily state - the rights it deserves in primary health care.


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