Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 - Bring me good things you bastard!

Ok, so I've been tweeting. A lot. And through my twitter journey I've been lucky enough to come across some insane blogs - some really creative, entertaining, informative stuff. It really is inspiring to see what people are all about, but i guess thats what you get when ur an anthropologist at heart.

This post is in homage to a particular twitter peep who doesn't even know that i enjoy reading her blog - @loalexandra. The following list was inspired by you:

10 Things to look forward to in 2010

1. My job at the magazine taking off
2. Media summit in February
3. Getting fit - starting yoga?
4. Getting a raise
5. Summer
6. New music
7. Moving back to Australia
8. Visiting New York
9. Visiting Germany
10. Seeing old friends


  1. aww how cute... i hav been to germany... they like their sausages... and beer!!!

    and new york is on my list too.. almost happened last year !!!


  2. Much luck to you on this list.

  3. Ahh what a lovely positive way of looking at things! I love writing lists, but they're usually "To do" or "Mustn't Forget", so I shall look forward to copying you and writing a "10 Things to look forward to in 2010" tonight :-) xx

  4. Thanks for the commentary guys! Much appreciated! Check back more often as I will start actively updating the blog each week *crosses fingers* lots of love xo