Saturday, October 24, 2009

In honour of Mustard Seed

To celebrate the publishing of the very first comment on my blog (it HAS been up for a month, so its about time!) I am promoting the musical choices of the blogger responsible for all this excitement. Thanks Jesse! The following is Jesse's choice of song from the incredible Citizen Cope,'Bullet & a Target' followed by my song of choice by the same, 'Let the Drummer kick' - Not as recent BUT this particular clip is pretty cool too (thanks arturitis!) so let me know which you prefer! Voting kicks off now!


  1. bullet and target, i love that song..heard it after ages!
    thanks for putting a smile on my face, (the song reminds me of some reallly great days)

  2. Ok so Im guessing the vote is 1 - 0 so far? Thanks for posting Ayla!