Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankfulness is next to Godliness?

Ok, so I know I promised some Tweeters that my next post would be along the lines of which movies were written about my life (believe me, frikkin' uncanny!) but due to the way Im feeling this balmy October evening, I've decided to tackle another topic.

Who's read The Secret?? *waves hand in the air* And I also saw the doco. I dunno how much of it I bought really, but I basically felt that it was a whole lot of mumbo jumbo trying to emphasize the very basic advice of trying to stay positive in a world posited in negativity. Doesn't take much explaining.

The problem is, I have difficulty in doing just that in any circumstance. I think it's actually highly unlikely that any person (unless you're Richard Simmons) can be chirpy all the time. BUT because I've had such a foul day (more like a foul few months) I've decided to try being thankful and remembering all the good things I have in my life. Perhaps that may counteract the feelings of total frustration and anger... Maybe.. Hopefully... *crazy joker smile*

So here is a list of things I am grateful for at the moment:

1. Big Bang Theory episode 4 waiting for me in my little video folder
2. The new copy of The Hobbit I purchased only last night
3. The gym schedule printed out today that shows YES, THERE IS BADMINTON! Woot Woot! It is NOT a girls sport okay?!!
4. The phone calls that make my day
5. Looking forward to sushi tomorrow night with my girlfriends

So, I am smiling at the moment. But, will this last until after I am faced with the things that upset me day in and day out? I will check and let you know. Til the follow up post bloggers!

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