Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food glorious food

As an ode to my love of cooking, eating, chefs, cooking shows, eating, Nigella Lawson, eating, Georgio Locatelli, eating, Jamie Oliver, eating (you get the point I'm sure), I've decided to make a little addition to my blog in the form of the most current list of foods Im loving at the moment.

I dont know what it is about cooking but its always fun, relaxing and utterly gratifying - when it all turns out the way its supposed to that is.

I've always loved watched people cook. As a matter of fact I think I have a list of favourite chefs that is a lot more intricate than the list of music or movies that I love! And each one of them has their own quirky style that I absolutely admire.

Let's start with the love of my life, Jamie Oliver - totally psychotic, organized chaos and delicious, full fat, hearty flavours. Mr Locatelli - sexy in a super dishevelled, eccentric manner. Delicious everyday Italian food, passionate and simple yet exotic food. Nigella Lawson - seriously, with a face like that she can afford to eat whatever she wants in the middle of the night and she clearly does. Simple, down to earth, fast, yummy food that we can all relate to.

I HATE chefs that measure everything out by the pinch. A meal never comes out the way it should unless you are constantly tasting, adding, and adjusting the ingredients as per the way you're actually feeling. I sometimes want my pasta bolognese a lot thicker and drier than on other days, hence the same old recipe will not do the job. Capiche?

Manyways, I wont go on anymore but I will tell you that this topic will be back featuring some of my favourite chefs and recipes for your viewing pleasure.

Bon apetite!

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