Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dirty dirty dancing

In honour of the KING of dirty dancing, the man who made every young girl wonder when HER prince charming would waltz along (or salsa along in this case) and whisk her off her feet into the balmy, summer nights of passion and yes, dancing, I am now addressing yet another item on the "Things I love" list. At number 4 (that's pretty high up) comes 'dancing'.

As anyone who lives on this planet knows by now, the legendary Patrick Swayze, better known to a lot of us dreamers as the sexy Johnny Castle in 1987's "Dirty Dancing", passed away a few weeks ago after a long and incredibly brave battle with pancreatic cancer.

I would be lying if I said that I was Patrick's biggest fan. The man was an incredible actor in the films that I did see, but other than "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost", much of his stellar works are A LOT older than I am. That's not to say that I can't appreciate films from that time, but to keep this short and sweet I never really bothered to actively search for Patrick Swayze films. I'm not quite sure why but it's true what they say, and because I don't believe the quote is trademarked for personal loss - 'You don't know what you've got til it's gone'. You see, when I heard the terrible news last night a real wave of sadness came over me. Seriously, don't laugh, but Swayze always was a symbol for the free-spirited, which is what I see myself as, and now he was gone.

R.I.P Patrick Swayze and my very humble condolences to your family. As sad as I am for them, they are also lucky to have had you in their lives for the past 57 years.

On a happier note, DANCING!

Originating from the French word 'danser' (apparently), dancing is defined as the rythmic movement of the body (not in all cases as we probably have all witnessed at some point of our lives) to music, as a form of expression or social interaction. This sits well with me.

I've always loved to dance. Ever since I was a little girl (go ahead and groan) I've always loved to dance and clearly, I always loved the attention. My parent's friends used to call me 'little dancer' because I could not sit still in any party setting.

Over the years I've also tried ur stereotypical attemtps at becoming a 'professional' dancer, whatever that is. I understand there are classes of dancers, i.e. the Bolshoi ballerinas versus a guy that can rip up the dance floor at a club, but I don't think one can be listed as better than the other. I think anyone can dance if they use their ears to listen to the beat they're meant to be moving to.

In effect, ballet, salsa, folklore and a list of other classes didn't really make any headway with me and I remain a mover and shaker in my own right. Even when my girlfriends used to drag me out on a Saturday night when I would have rather been sitting at home watching "So You Think You Can Dance" reruns, I still managed to be the last one standing... or the last one dancing, I should say.

Which also reminds me of how unbelievably cool, SYTYCD is. I've always envied the incredible dancers that come on that show, and even the really terrible ones that have no clue just how bad they are, purely because of the apparent dedication they all seem to have to this beautiful art form.

But until I get some sort of overwhelming inspiration to devote 20 hours a day to tap, jazz or ballet I think I'll stick to daydreaming about how one day my life might transform into a scene from 'Step Up' or something equally as corny.

Over and out.

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