Sunday, June 30, 2013

Megabites of Zombie Deadication


First, I'm sorry about the title of this post. Secondly, and more importantly, to celebrate the single-handed demise of the zombie genre, thanks to WORLD WAR Z, I have compiled a list of extras, short films, games and graphic novels officially linked to and inspired by the far superior 28 DAYS LATER. Just to highlight the pronounced failure of the former as compared to the latter. Light, Sunday reading.

Deleted Scenes:

Beyond Contagion (mega grainy)
Cabbie Impressions
What Being Attacked by Rage Zombie Would Really Be Like (sans music)
Alternate Ending (terrible)

Behind the Scenes Footage - mainly a lot of wind swept Boyle-age, terrifying rage SFX make up and models of zombie ravaged humans.

Six official short films released in support of 28 WEEKS LATER (slightly NSFW, if only for gore-related reasons). Some of these are better than the actual film:

Jealous Rage
28 Seconds Later
Welcome to London
Light 'Em Up (don't do drugs, kids)
28 Weeks Earlier (why are they American?)
77 Days Later (the actor is a schmuck but this is pretty good)

Free preview issues of 28 DAYS LATER the graphic novel, following Selena's return to Britain, kind of a time-filler between DAYS and WEEKS.

And finally, a Stop the Zombies! simulator, alongside a bunch of naughty kids and their zombirific parodies, including LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem (sorry) and The Boondocks (really).

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