Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Goodies, My Goodies

No, not boobs, internet goodies. Sorry.

The first of said goodies comes in the form of Aussie hip hop band, Joelistics and their incredible crowdsourced video for single 'Heart Remains' taken from their brilliant album, Voyager. Ch-ch-check the Australian magic:

Second, comes the glorious workings of one of Jordan's most promising talents, Mike Derderian. I came across Mike's work via Twitter and have literally been hanging round his profile like a fangirl ever since. Refreshing, intelligent scifi-based satire and more. Check out his first fanzine, 'Panels', here:

Finally, puh-leeease:

a) Vote for the wonderful Niam Etany and her super short 'Super.Full' in Youtube's 'Your Film Festival'. The film is beautiful in its honesty and lack of any pretentiousness, telling the true story of the richest country in the world, through the eyes of the less fortunate. Check out Sir Ridley Scott's video message here and follow the prompts to VOTE.

b) Support a project that's a little different and give the naughty 'Daddy Cross' kids over at Sponsume something to smile about. If you're silly and overtly sensitive and don't like British exploitation (uh, what's wrong with you?) and gore, then don't click on the link. Just sayin'.

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