Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Several months ago, a bunch of my colleagues and I were asked to complete a self-assessment questionnaire. One of the questions on said questionnaire was, "If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?" No, I'm not kidding.

Questionable assessments aside, my response was: "What I'd like to be, is a cherry. They're sexy, cheeky, exotic, and everyone loves them. However, in reality, I'm probably more of a banana. Reliable. But I'm also multicultural, good for you (in regulated doses) and also have a few tricks up my sleeve (splits, flambé, chips.. endless really)."

Which brings us to the real reason behind this post. CONGRATULATIONS @StevenJohnBond on winning my blog 'facelift' competition! Steven's entry, 'Romantic Walks to the Fridge' was the best fit out of all (eight) entries and this is because: what I do doesn't define me, therefore a film-inspired title (thanks Martin and Sanna) wouldn't have been true to my person or the purpose of this blog. I envy super-smart word plays (thanks James, Adam, Ben P.) and adore emotional notions (Ben A.), but again, I'm neither a Countdown aficionado nor a Northern soul-er. 

What I am, is a romantic walk to the fridge. And although that cold mashed potato isn't a life-changing movie deal and the walk isn't on the Grecian seaside, I'm very happy to admit that a long day on the couch with the ones I love, watching films, eating cold mash from the fridge (or something slightly more delectable) and making plans, is what I am about. 

I told you I was a banana.

So again, mucho gracias Steven - even though you plagiarised the crap out of my Twitter bio, dude (joke) - for your entry. You soon will be the proud owner of a hamper of some of my favourite things. I promise I won't send FedEx you any leftovers from my fridge. Blog change coming soon.

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