Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Egyptian Emergency

Due to my residing in the Middle East (Qatar), several people have questioned me for more recent updates to what's happening in Egypt right now. The following is some of the latest news, some on the ground, and mainly from Al Jazeera staff, currently doing a brilliant job of keeping the public informed in spite of their broadcast HQ in Cairo being shut down late last night. Please also find links to some interesting articles, surfacing as a result of the telecommunications holocaust the Egyptian government has enforced:

  • the RSS feed above will continue to relay audio boos live from the Al Jazeera team in Cairo. Journalist Evan Hill is currently updating these broadcasts whenever necessary/possible. You can also follow Hill's Flickr feed for photographic updates, here.
  • Al Jazeera is continuously updating its local Doha broadcast channels with Breaking News whenever necessary/possible. You can watch these updates LIVE, right here
  • fear of bigger clashes/bloodshed have been relayed to the Director of Research at Brookings Doha Centre, Shadi Hamid, as informed by a figure in the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamid was speaking earlier on AJE about the situation.
  • the role of social media in the debacle, including microblogging and other broadcast channels - such as AJE's use of audioBoo - have been highly debated all over the news. CNN, AJE and others have relied heavily on the use of Facebook, Twitter, bloggers and the like to receive additional info on the ground in Egypt. Mathew Ingram speaks out on GIGAom. 

Al Jazeera have released hotline numbers for all those needing a direct line to the network, with information on the progress of the situation. Individuals are requested to call: +97444896192 or +97444896190.

More updates as I receive them; keep your eyes peeled for the audioBoo updates. Shout out to all the journalists braving the increasingly horrific situation in Egypt right now. God bless. 

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  1. This morning I got an email from a woman who runs a tutoring company. I had sent her my resume about two weeks ago in hopes I could pick up a few hours tutoring kids in math and science. I got a response back from her asking me to delete one of my [many] blog posts because it didn't fit the image her clientele. I’m lucky that I don’t need a job right now and that I am just looking for work to fill my long, boring days. But it got me thinking about other people. How many people feel ashamed of themselves these days? How many people are out there breaking their backs to conform to some entitled view paying $15/hour with no healthcare? Even in this time of jobs hard to find, never, ever, ever let someone take away your dignity.