Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptian Emergency Update

An image from the Tahrir Square protest last night

These are the developments from the ground in Egypt since last night;

  • Breaking News: Six Al Jazeera journalists are currently under military custody. You can follow Al Jazeera's UAE correspondent, Dan Nolan's blog updates, here or watch the Al Jazeera LIVE feed, here. Nolan is currently under military custody with the remaining journos. UPDATE 3.46pm local Cairo time: the journos have since been released, however, their camera equipment remains confiscated by authorities. 
  • top reporters on the ground to follow include Al Jazeera man Evan Hill who was recently joined by colleague, Gregg Carlstrom. They are updating the AJE audioBoo channel whenever possible/necessary. Please click on the RSS feed above to listen. It is unclear wether Hill or Carlstrom are amongst the journos under military custody. 
  • a 'million man march' has been organised for tomorrow, February 1st, in commemoration of one week since the start of the January 25th protests. All train activity has been halted ahead of the march. More details on the march, here.
  • recognisable efforts have been made by governments worldwide to send for tourists/expatriates to leave Cairo for their respective countries, most notably Jordan, Tunisia (although arguable in terms of safety) and Australia. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced the availability of chartered flights for those wishing to leave Egypt. If you know of Australians looking to go home, please pass this number onto them, +61 26261 3305. Click here, for more details. 
  • sources from Al Jazeera have issued the following IP addresses as alternatives to bypass the government telecoms shutdown: [Twitter], [Facebook].
  • official word from Israel shouts the support of the Egyptian regime and pleads with the US to do the same in order to 'restore peace'. More information on that and other topics related to the events on the ground, please go to BikyaMasr
  • for more information on how the telecommunications holocaust actually succeeded during certain periods over the last two days, Ariel Schwartz explains, via Fast Company. 
  • follow Cairo-based journalist Sarah Carr's Flickr feed, for creative photographic updates on the situation on the ground, here
  • if you are in London today, watch out for the protests in support of the Egyptian uprising, 4-6pm, at the Egyptian Consulate, No.2 Lowndes St. 
  • watch updates from Al Jazeera's Youtube channel, including the ElBaradei mobbing in Tahrir Square last night, here

More updates as they occur. Our thoughts are with the journalists currently under siege and doing the impossible to bring us the latest news from a persevering Egypt.

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