Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspired by Air

Can I just say - and I know this is cheating because I should write more about this than I plan to - how much Im looking forward to watching The Virgin Suicides? I know Im over a decade late, but that doesn't make my excitement any less legitimate, thanks. The minute I have more than an hour to myself, this is what Im going to be glued to the screen for. Love, sex, passion, fear, obsession, religion, written by Sofia Coppola, with Kathleen Turner and James Woods - and I dont even like Kirsten Dunst but she does the naive, self destructive, innocence lost bit to a tee - all add up to a winning combination. So yeah, there's something Im looking forward to after the next two weeks of editorial torture are over. Good times.


  1. Haha u know whats funny? Ive been meaning to purchase it yet I've purchased three dvds since and none of them were The Virgin Suicides. *idiot*