Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shoes and Other Beautiful Things

Clothes may not fit, but shoes always look good.

Its noon on the Wednesday after my birthday. Im in a bit of a contemplative mood (what's new?), yet on the whole, this is turning out to be an alright kinda day. As always, I woke up about a dozen times during the night, check up on my phone, make sure no-one rang, texted, etc. This anxiety will be the death of me, I know it, but I can't seem to control it.

I've been sleeping a lot later than my usual recently, and waking up particularly early. A combination of personal pleasures (don't get pervy), stress and early 'working' days resulted in me sleeping through my alarm this morning. I can't comprehend how that even happened considering its on the shrillest ring tone known to man AND vibrates better than any toy on the market. Ended up driving to the bakery and buying brekkie for the office to keep the peace.

Had they not inhaled the goodies I bought, this would be an actual photo of brekkie. This is prettier.

This has to be one of the best birthday weeks I've had in a while. I got sent a lot of love and to be honest (albite a tad cliche) that to me is worth the most lavish gift - and more. However, because Im a girl and we like 'pretty things', I did also do some serious birthday spending. Shoes make me happy.

The things that made my week, however, came in the form of two heartfelt gifts from two beautiful people. The first you will think I am dramatizing. Its a t-shirt. Nothing spectacular mind you - just a cotton t-shirt. Its the thought that someone would devote any part of their day in making an effort to put a smile in your face, the thoughtful gesture and the care behind the action, that makes this number one on my list this year.

The second was a bouquet of beautiful pink and white, lilies and roses. My colleagues bombarded me with these late into the work day yesterday - I was initially surprised that it wasn't a cake, considering this is the norm in this office; any excuse is a good excuse for cake. However, and according to our secretary Michelle, *cue laughter*, 'you're always on a diet', so they bought me the flowers instead.

Absolutely beautiful. And my office now smells like a meadow. 

Now, I love flowers. I haven't received nearly enough in my lifetime - not that the occasion didn't present itself, just never quite happened as often as I would have liked it to. Regardless, this was such a lovely surprise because of the thought that had been put into it by one little creative. I found out later that evening that she had gone out and picked the combination of flowers herself as to what she felt 'represented' me. She told me the way I dressed, the music I listened to and the vibe I brought into the office inspired her. I don't think I have ever been so flattered in my entire life.

These two things plus endless well wishes, a digital cake, a handmade birthday card, a singing voice clip and a surreal chat with a lovely sales lady have made this a week to remember.

This is all for now. I wish everyone out there (who actually reads this) a week just as motivational and inspiring as the one Im having.

That's me! Not in the photo, I meant Im the rookie of the year. I don't know who this bitch is and why she has my shirt.

p.s. I ran my first 10k this week too! Im proud of my rookie ass for taking me that far. Well done, me!