Monday, September 14, 2009

You're ugly and that's sad

Two words. Happy Bunny. In order to address the lists I gave you in my previous post, I've honoured the super sarcastic and deceivingly adorable Happy Bunny, who came at number 15 on the 'Things I love' list.

This started as a 'thing' between a friend and myself. I was the silly billy, my friend was the funny bunny. I always thought I should have been the funny bunny coz you know... I think im pretty funny. But anywho, I didn't make a thing out of it and so we were stuck with those names for a while.

One day as I was waddling away (when I shop, I waddle) on one of my shopping adventures, I came across a book titled "It's Happy Bunny! The Good, The Bad and The Bunny" by the man I've knighted a genius author, Jim Benton. As you will later realize, this immediately appealed to the mocking, crueler side of my character. Throughout the book, my friend the Happy Bunny gives advice on certain life situations, such as what to do if your friend looks fat in an outift. Provided is the good thing to do, the bad thing and the bunny thing to do. I can not desribe to you how fuzzy inside these anecdotes made me.

Since then, Happy Bunny is a constant companion of mine. I have posters of him everywhere, from my laptop desktop to my bedroom wall. I even have a little Happy Bunny stuffed toy and I am not ashamed of it. One of my favourite posters features the quote, "You're ugly and that's sad" as noted for my blog title. This of course is amongst classic others such as "I might be dumb but you're ugly, I can change but you can't", "I'll be nicer when you're smarter" and the short but to the point "Eat me". My bunny, purchased at the Royal Sydney Easter Show earlier this year, has his quote stamped on his little bunny tummy and says "You can be a princess and still kick butt". This suits me.

And just to make my point clear, this little guy is not child friendly. And this is a HUGE franchise that is turning out not only books and posters, but an entire online empire of personalized Happy Bunny e-cards, astrology and various games.

Google it.

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