Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sketchbooking with Mike V. Derderian

"Nude we are not; it is your eyes that make us so." 

With its parliament-al fiascos plastered across news broadcasts around the region, a consistently turbulent economy and a surprisingly struggling tourism industry, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan seems like a far cry from the Western, or even Gulf-based, artistic richness and hub of burgeoning talents.

However, with a Trekky for a King (he starred in an episode and everything), an attitude that can’t be bought by oil money and a royal support system to boot, it is no accident that the likes of Mike V. Derderian are making waves in the arts, both regionally and globally. Check out our interview with, arguably, one of the most interesting illustrators in the Levant and the Arab world at large.
Read thes rest of this article over the ridiculously awesome Sketchbook Magazine, here.

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