Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five Things on Thursday #2

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It's Thursday again! And because I, a) love the sound of my own voice (like the look of my own words?) and, b) will most definitely go crazy if I don't keep writing, here's my second go at this weekly round-up malarky.
This week was brought to you by the letter 'M' (for monsters), awesome graphic novels and body growths with adult/baby mutations inside them. Of course.

1. It's all about the money:

It feels like only yesterday that people were doubting crowdfunding and the general public's willingness to help bring others' projects to life. Now, everyone's bloody doing it! This week, I came across a total, thieving nutter who claims the sun (yes, that yellow fire ball in the sky - sorry England) has forbidden her from using donations to complete the intended project - the perfect example of dirty specimens that could become the slow-gnawing downfall of crowdfunding. On a lighter note, I came across the delightfully curious James Curcio and his upcoming campaign for a potentially incredible transmedia experience. Also, my naughty friends over at Daddy Cross hit their blasphemy-endorsing target (and then some), which makes me happy. However, with two days still to go, you can still help these dudes make these shorts even more... exploit-y?

2. Things that go bump in the night:

This week, I fed my obsession with monsters. Monsters are awesome. The furry ones, the creepy ones, the Lovecraftian ones, monsters with one eye, monsters with tentacled faces and heads shaped like churches (seriously - also Pale Man's cousin is pretty slick too).

3. Good words:

I found new words to fall in love with, including Sophie Chamas's brilliantly written account of life in the Gulf over on The State. There was also this incredibly poignant review of Ales Kot's graphic novel, 'Wild Children' via Adam Rothstein - an excerpt, "Suddenly, I was not reading a comic book anymore- I was silently gliding down a VALIS beam, shot from a drone, illuminating a target I had not noticed before, despite the hours I spent pouring over satellite imagery of our contemporary cultural terrain." Woah. Read it all, here. Akram Foad Khater spoke to Jadaliyya about his new (and much needed) book about Christians in the Middle East and I was introduced to the gorgeously stacked archives of Coilhouse Magazine + Blog - check out this insane piece on REAL Ukrainian interrogation photographs.

4. I believe:

Not in the stupid ass 'Requiem for a Dream' montage, but that they will come:

5. Random:

Yes, more random than everything else on this list. First, this creepy (and fairly disgusting) clip from bizarre Japanese scifi/comedy, 'Funky Forest: The First Contact.' Equally as strange, here is a slideshow of David Bowie doing normal things. Highly disconcerting. 


  1. What is this stuff you are watching Reem? (#5) really!?

  2. They'll come for the non believers first, y'know.