Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Love with Debs and Errol

Their website is so sweet it's giving me cavities, their comics are so geeky they make the geeky people I know sound like airheads and they sing. In Vulcan. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my new crushes, Debs and Errol.

Best comic strip I have ever seen. Ever. In life. Originally found on the Debs and Errol website, here.

Errol wrote 'Geek Love Song' for his wife. The lyrics are below, including how to say 'I Love You' in Elvish, Mandalorian, LOLcat and binary. Yes, binary.

So many ways to say “I Love You”
In different languages across the land.
You haven’t heard them all so I’ll tell you
As only a true geek can.

“Ich Liebe Dich” is German geeky for their boardgames
In Latin (and Spanish) it is “Te amo”
“mi olin e sina” is the phrase in Toki Pona,
“Mi amas vin” in Esperanto

“Linnon am meleth vin”
In Sindarin means “I sing because I love you”
“AG EE OO P” is what you type.
For Alliance and the Horde to talk to.

To stick with Elvish we have “Tye mela’ne”
Yet another language that Tolkien made.
“Usstan ssinssrigg ilta” spoken in Drowish
A DnD type of elf you played.

“I Love You, I would date with you”, by Tatewaki Kuno
Not a different language, but it’s good enough
“hato daisuki” is japanese but geeky cuz
Otaku really love their weird stuff.

“Eep Op Ork Ah Ah”‘
From saturday morning cartoons
“Ie ovele ouye” too,
From way back when I was in grade 2.

“Wani ra yana ro aisha” in Vulcan
In Klingon it’s “qaparHa” which sorta sounds like a threat
“I-jol au” is Romulan but not exactly canon
In case we make the fanboys upset.

“Ni kar’tayli gar darasuum” is Mandalorian
In another galaxy, long gone by
If you speak in Huttese you say “Uma ji muna”
On Dagobah it’s, “Love you, do I”

’10 Print “I love you” 20 Goto 10′
My first program, as a child
I bet your hormones are going wild.

I display LOLCat finery.
“I Less Than Three U” and….
I love you in binary!

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