Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Help Me Get a Facelift!

Story of my life.

To all of you here for a freakshow post about cosmetic surgery, the door is that way. Hallo! My baby is turning three! Of course by 'baby' I'm referring to this little piece of the blogosphere - you can exhale now, dad. I started this blog sitting in my aunt's kitchen in Amman, a mere handful of weeks after completing my postgrad, having already been told by two companies in the capital that I was a) overqualified, and b) without enough experience. Swimming start to my professional career, but it explains the blog name.

I wasn't unemployed for very long, but the name stuck. Although incredibly poorly written in parts and totally useless in others, this blog has seen me through many a change, both good and bad. I've ranted about cultural injustices, whined about triathlons and training sessions and produced odes of worship to the world's of fantasy and pop culture. It's been a struggle, at times, to try and express myself in a politically correct manner and I have experienced periods of complete disinterest and frustration with trying to continue this scribe journey.

However, I feel, and for the first time in a long time, that I'm officially in a place that is a lot more stable than I have been in for many years. This is not to say things are perfect. Far from it, actually. Life is probably more confusing and testing than ever. The big lesson here is: it always will be. Why didn't anyone tell me this before, hmm?

So! It is officially time to shed this skin and bring on a new, shiny and, of course, sassy feel to this - my portal to the internets and all thirteen of you, following me. If you've read through to here, congratulations! You now know that I will be giving away a 'mini Reem' hamper, full of my favourite things, to the person who proposes that new, winning title to my blog. Easy. The hamper will include one of each of my fave things, including a film, a CD (yes, I'm serious), a book, a food item (again, yes, I'm serious) and more - photo to come.

How to communicate your entries to me? You can:

a) Tweet me @itssilverfox
b) Leave a message on here
c) Smoke signal

The deadline for this competition is Friday 18th May, which gives you 10 days to make my blogging facelift happen! To help you along, my colleague was telling me about a sandwich called the 'Unlawful Falafel.' I almost immediately changed the blog title to that. Go crazy.


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