Friday, January 20, 2012

I Heart the Internets (Sometimes)

It’s Friday afternoon, which in Middle East speak translates to Saturday arvo, i.e. the very essence of laziness and indulgence combined. A massive feed of sausages & baked beans and several episodes of ‘ER Mystery’ later, it’s time to either mobilise and, eek!, go outside, or find something else to engross myself in, preferably within the confines of my bed.

 Now, as a lover of the internets in all it’s LOL cat glory, I have my tabular favourites that rest comfortingly on the upper ledge of my incredibly dusty Mac screen, waiting for my pop culture thirsty paws to attack and explore. We all have like favourites, no? However, I have been known to participate in social media share-flooding, aka, if you follow my Twitter stream be prepared for an influx of folk mixtapes, indie film reviews, sci-fi poster loving and general rants about the Arab world and it’s consistent state of injustice.

WHAT’S YOUR POINT, REEM? I’ve decided to compile some of my fave places on these complex online galaxies of 16-Bit video compilations and NKOTB dedicated tumblr’s into little blog posts, to save you the suffering of a consistent tweeting/Facebook/tumblr/StumbleUpon/ 8tracks, etc., haemorrhage (in the style of one of the best pop culture destinations on the internets, Flavor Wire).

So, without any further ado, check out what’s made the rounds in my family (i.e. spamming my folks, aunts and cousins via email) over the past few days:

Anonymous lashing out at SOPA inspired shutdown of Megaupload

Incredible: MidEast Tunes – Music for Social Change

A Boston Terrier being TICKLE ATTACKED!

This blog post re identity crises, a la Amin Maalouf & via Roba El Assi’s AndFarAway

You may need your war gear next time you’re at the ATM

The truth about Qatar’s workforce, revealed

The Monster Machine all set for Arachnaconda!

Beautiful vintage kids literature illustrations: James & the Giant Peach

Five by Five: a unique crowdfunding film project worth supporting

The amazing Luka Lesson with May Your Pen Grace the Page

Find out how many slaves you have working for YOU

Battlestar Galactica 16 Bit game = major sci-fi/geek orgasm

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