Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's The End of the Wor.. Oh Wait, It's Only 2011

I cannot believe it’s 2011 already. How many times have you heard that one today? It’s true though, this year has quite literally gone by like the blink of an eye (and apparently I rhyme in 2011). I had a lovely send off for 2010, complete with the quintessential New Year faves like parents embarrassing themselves on the dance floor, unhealthy liquor combinations and the delightful smell of cigar in my hair.

Onto more serious things though, the past year has been a largely reflective one for me. I’ve been challenged mentally, emotionally and physically like I have never been before and aim to use all that I’ve learnt to make 2011 my own (yes, I know, I groaned at that too).

I am thankful for many things that I’ve been blessed enough to acquire, conquer and enjoy in 2010 (click on links for previous posts documenting my year). I edited this coming sentence a billion times already, typing out things I’m grateful for, like family, travel, my health, accomplishments, etc, but to be honest, we both know you don’t have the time and I don’t like being a sap (mostly).

So let’s just leave it at this: thank you to everyone who has made this year a memorable one for me. Thank you for the love and support I’ve been shown during some of my lower points during the year, and thank you for pushing me to be a better person, do better things and most importantly, for that burgeoning desire to succeed and grow (so much for not being a sap).

Over the next 365 days, I will attempt to blog a lot more frequently. I’ll try not to get carried away with my essay writing tendencies, but to at least share with you this eventful journey that is my hectic life. Hence, you should prepare yourselves for more job seeking, cultural affairs ranting, political slamming, music and lyric quoting and the like.

Also, this site will soon move to a prettier, more official (royal if you like) and permanent home, but I’ll keep you all updated on that (all twelve of you) so no need to worry. Until then (tomorrow probably) take good care and go knock yourselves out with a bacon sandwich and a Bruce Willis flick. 

Much love.

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  1. This year will be wildly successful for you, I'm sure. I've enjoyed reading your blog this past year and look forward to following you more in 2011. You're tremendously smart and interesting, and you possess heaps of talent. Nothing can stop you this year!