Monday, November 15, 2010

STOP! In The Name of... The Federal Government?

Sometimes, all it takes is a headline like, "Public Servant's Lovelorn Email Goes Viral" to put a fresh perspective on things. Courtesy of a lovesick Department of Immigrations employee, an email was sent out to the ENTIRE Federal Government department in Canberra inquiring about a girl the employee had met at a work function.

The two had met, clicked (according to him anyway) and parted ways without exchanging last names, telephone numbers or with any other information for future points of contact. Smitten, later that night the employee sent an email to the group addresses within the Federal Government department, describing the girl and pleading with them to contact him in case anyone was familiar with her.

Recognising that it wasn't exactly appropriate means for his star crossed lovers fare, the employee has since apologised for misusing the addresses. However, he remains adamant in his purpose, quote, "life is too short for regret." Reports have said that the email has gone viral on blogs round the country but I can't seem to find any copies of said mystery email just yet - will repost this item in case a copy is found.

No Freudian or philosophical interpretation of these actions for me, but basically, I'm impressed. How many people do you know would jeopardise their employment within a government sector over a girl they'd just met?

p.s. the employee in question has not lost his job (yet) but a spokesperson from the Federal Department has announced that the situation is currently before the Values and Conduct branch for evaluation. 

p.s.s. I wonder if he tried Facebook and Twitter? 

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