Monday, October 11, 2010

Banksy does The Simpsons... Again

Everyone’s talking about last night’s Simpsons episode and the stellar satire Banksy spun on the opening credits. The opening sequence starts off as normal while slowly things crumble and unfold, revealing what is pretty much a provocative response to accusations from various parties, claiming that makers of The Simpsons use ‘unorthodox’ means in episode production.

Examples used in Banksy’s ‘spoof’ include SouthEast Asian sweatshops, animal abuse, whaling, vandalism, a corrupt society and child labour, amongst others. This isn’t the first our animated friends have seen of Banksy, with the artist’s interest in the show apparent since mid 2008.

Upon leaving soon to be devastated hurricane city New Orleans, a mural of a young boy, emulating the same blackboard writing action as does Bart Simpson in the usual opening sequence of the show, appeared on a random wall in the city. On the blackboard the boy, seemingly punished for something, is writing line after line of ‘I must not copy what I see on The Simpsons’.

With the show’s history embedded in political satire since its inception, I dont think many people were surprised with further involvement from the talented graffiti artist, especially considering his personal stance within numerous activist campaigns.

What does surprise me is this seemingly pro-Fox stance especially for someone that has so successfully stood for numerous peace/justice movements and more specifically anti-capitalism. It is strange to say the least that Banksy has chosen to shun opposition to the universally labeled crooked and biased network.

What do you think?

p.s. Banksy’s coolest piece of work has to be the Pulp Fiction bit he stenciled in Shoreditch. Check it out.

p.s.s. I apologise for the poor quality video. The Banksy Youtube channel link to the episode seems to have been removed due to copyright infringement, something or the other. 


  1. It's unfortunate as the Simpson's fanbase will consist of very few people who actually know Banksy is and whom will decide to go look at his other works.

    No need to criticize him for his choice on Fox, if given a platform, why not use it, it might be Fox's error in the end. I disagree on the best work part, some of the pieces on the "wall" are incredible.

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  2. This is my favourite:

  3. Relatively new to Banksy myself (I had seen a few pieces before the Simpsons intro), but I like his point of view and the way he expresses it. Like 'Anonymous' said- I think it was Fox's mistake to give him the platform. A true artist isn't going to modify his view, just because 'the enemy' is paying for it. In fact, an artist would probably consider it a double Win. Usually, only a surgeon can cut you and expect you to pay for it.

  4. Yes Excellent comments from 'anonymous'. I heard something interesting today...."you can't make someone love you, but you can increase your odds"

    I hear you saying what the hell does that have to do with this, but I imagine people who even never liked his work before will just be intrigued by him by somehow being able to use this platform. He essentially increased his chances to be loved and making his work that much more valuable and noticed.

    By the way that quotation is from Lord of War.