Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jeg elsker København

Yes, I did what every wanker on the planet does and used Babel translator to transform the dull and overused phrase 'I love *insert person/place/pet/spotty, vampire-playing, teenage celebrity*' into I love Copenhagen in Danish. I do apologise for this behaviour, but in all honesty, I really do think I've fallen in love with that tiny and GORGEOUS city. Anywho, since most of you probably have no idea what Im on about, Im about to relay the events of probably one of the luckiest days of my working life thus far, so hold on to your socks, knickers and fake tache's; this is a riveting one:

Email *ping* on Regional Managing Editor *Jorge's computer. *Samson, *Mona and myself ignore this as we have become accustomed to Jorge's obnoxious mobile and computer ring/ alert tones.

Jorge: Well looky here, who wants to go to Copenhagen?

All three of us: *Insert collection of the 5 W's alongside oh me! No I cant! Dammit, I want to go! Really? Copenhagen? etc*

Jorge: Yup, Qatar Airways has just launched its direct route to Denmark and we've been offered a spot on their first media tour out there.
(Side note: This is purely because the airlines expects some sort of kiss ass in return, and to be completely honest, they deserve it much more than a cheek grazing kiss.)

This map is for the benefit of the embarrassing number of people who don't actually know where Denmark is. Yes, you.

Cue raucous arguments over who last went on what trip and when, discussions over magazine deadlines, who can afford to leave... and then it hits us. When is this mystery luxury, all expenses paid, beautiful thirst-quenching mirage set to take place??

Jorge: The flight leaves tonight. Its for five nights, return Saturday morning.

Samson: Agh, I can't leave the magazine. We're already behind on deadline.

Jorge: Neither can I - I was only in Seville last month the same time as deadline, and as much as Id love to scarper off to Scandinavia, I think that's pushing it a little *hearty, slightly bitter Welsh guffaw*

Mona: Dammit!! I want to go to Denmark! I can't go though, Im leaving to London on Thursday!

Me: Umm.... I'll go?
What? He can't go? Im not going either! (errm.. you know that's just for him, yea? Cool)

What ensued was an afternoon of restless 'work', a tiny evening run (I was afraid I wouldn't get the chance to keep up my tri training while I was abroad so the 20 minute run was a bit of a guilt compressor) and hectic packing for weather the organisers called 'chilly', my boss labeled as 'freezing' and the internet said ranged between 'below zero and 14 degrees'. Right.

And so began the best five days I have had in a long, long time. Possibly the best five days of my life if I was to be completely honest. However, I do have a habit of romanticising everything and developing irrational emotional attachments to places I visit, therefore this normal.

Stay tuned for the flight and day number one in Wonderful Copenhagen. There will be pictures.

*names have been changed for privacy issues and even though I know noone actually reads this blog, I dont want to get bitten in the ass by angry people who would have appreciated it had I NOT directly quoted them, thanks.


  1. This is amazing, I am massively jealous though.
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. Ignoring your blog totally and replying to the comment you left on mine, well, the reason that my blog post ignored the World Cup, is that I couldn't be bothered going to see any games in South Africa, and it is based upon what sports I'm seeing, in the UK, live, and in person..

    As for the Kindle, well, I still thing the iPad is the better device overall, especially when you have more choice of online book stores you can use (at least 3 that I know of, apple, kobobooks, and kindle), and it is much more of a device than just a book reader, and if you compare prices, Amazon's Kindle is $489, while a basic iPad is $499 (US Prices)..

    Should I re read your blog and make some sarcastic comments for your amusement?


  3. Thanks for your comment Lewis. Updates coming soon!

    Mark, let me explain how this works: you are meant to comment about MY posts on MY blog :) Now, Ill let this one slip haha I haven't had a look at the iPad to be honest Mark, I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to begin comparing, but based just off the price, I would def go for an iPad over the Kindle. No comment necessary, Im sure u read it and loved it anyway :)

  4. Oh, I can talk bollocks for the world, about anything and everything Reem. Just because you harped on about Copenhagen doesn't mean I'm going to comment on anything about Copenhagen.

    I mean.. did you know that the olives stuffed with chillies are better from Harvey Nichols than Sainsbury's.. They do say people learn something new each day, and that, I think ticks that thing off your daily checklist..

    As for your blog... 2 things... a Welshman called Jorge - I knew that was a fake name, (my dad was Welsh), and the map thing, that really was the dumbing down of this blog, and I feel as if I should be more uneducated than I actually am.. ;)


  5. My goodness, who's got your panties in a twist?? Isn't it the norm to comment on whatever it is you've read when you've actually made the effort to read it? I actually think its a bit rude (sorry, telling the truth) to comment on something else, tho in all honesty, I do love olives, so ta!

    Secondly, duh, I did say they were fake names, I wasn't trying to be suss about it.

    Thirdly, Im glad you know where Copenhagen is but many people do not. It doesn't mean the blog has been dumbed down, it means now everyone knows what Im on about rather than assuming so. It was meant to be convenient rather than insult what Im sure is you're outstanding intelligence ;)