Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dane-sing in the Street

First off, sorry about the title of this entry. I couldn't help myself. Its in my editorial genes to take the piss out of everything. But not the 'hagen. Now, yesterday, whilst I was trying very hard to concentrate on the incredibly enjoyable task of conjuring up a variety of different slogans for our sister company's new ad campaign (corporate branding is just oh! so much fun - not my job but sometimes you have to take one for the team... specially when you've just been away on two all-expenses paid luxury trips with work) my mind wandered off to the task at hand; clearly I have difficulty with keeping written posts to a certain word count.

 THEREFORE ladies and gentlemen, the genius inside me held up a beautifully lit lightbulb and said, 'Use images instead of words!' Hence, my darlings, here is a variety of shots chosen especially for your greedy little visual loving eyes and minds of the remains of day number on in Wonderful Copenhagen. With captions.

The site of our first Danish luncheon, Orangeriet. The most charming little restaurant in the world, located just next to the beautiful King's Garden

There were numerous potted mandarin trees inside the restaurant - it is called Orangeriet after all. One of the pleb journalists that was with us on the media tour decided to pick a couple off the plants. And ate them. And threw the peel in the pots. Im still wincing.

                   Window sill in the waiting room with views of the King's Garden outside. I loved the lightness and simplicity of Scandinavian design

We feasted on smorrebrod, or open faced Danish sandwiches - simple but delicious. The roast beef *drool* 

Wheat beer! Not my first time tasting it, but this *was* the Danish counterpart

I think I clean up pretty good after a monstrous working day AND flight

Statue of literary genius Hans Christian Andersen in the King's Garden

Walking through town to the canal, I spotted this charming little balcony - should be lined with flowers

Views from the canal tour - Im not sure what the building on the left is, but on the right is the Church of Our Saviour. 400 steps to the steeple.

The spot on the canal where the royal family set sail

Noma - rated as the world's best restaurant and boasting the cream of Nordic cuisine in gorgeous settings

We hid from the sudden rain in this beautiful cafe, nestled in the courtyard of some castle

I love photos of flowers. There were bushes of these everywhere

The view from one of the rooms at Hotel Skt Petri, where we dined on asparagus soup, mouth watering pepper steak and chocolate creme brulee with cherry sorbet

Did I mention I loved Scandinavian design? Clean, bright, innovative. Fantastic. 


  1. Looks like an amazing place. Next time you're going, I'm gonna smuggle across in your handbag ;)

  2. Hahaha Ill make sure to take an extra large one so u can fit Sparky! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Great shots! Makes me want to head over there. ;-)